Model- EF2600Q

Year– 2013

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Dimensions (length/width-height)– 20.1″ x 16.3″ x 16.7″

Dry Weight– 92.6 Lbs

Engine Type– OHV Single Cylinder, Air-Cooled, Four-Stroke

Displacement/HP- 171cc

Capacity-2.9 Gallons

Fuel Type- Unleaded Reg.

Max. AC Output– 2600 Watts

Rated AC Output- 2300 Watts

Rated AC Current/Max AC Current– 19/21.6 amps @120V

Noise Level 1/4 Load/Full Load- 68 dBA

Continuous Operation at 1/4 Rated Load– 7.8 Hrs


• Lightweight, easy to carry design – Compact lightweight alternator reduces weight to 27.9 lb., the lightest in its class.

• Smart ThrottleTM, load sensing RPM control – Greater fuel efficiency and noise reduction by automatically adjusting engine speed to match the load.

• Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) – For clean, high quality power. Voltage stability is within ± 1%, and frequency stability is ± 0.1 HZ. Its pure sine wave is as clean as or cleaner than public utilities power.

• Auto Warm-up – Automatically increases engine speed for 4~6 minutes to ensure smooth power delivery during cold start ups.

• 12 volt DC cable is included as standard equipment.

• Exclusive dual coil alternator stator – Greater output at a lower engine speed for reduced noise, fuel consumption, and engine wear.

• Centralized control panel – Easy access to controls.

• Gasoline petcock lets you shut off the gas to run the carb dry for storage – Prevents stale gas problems. • 50cc Overhead Valve (OHV) engine – Noise-reducing operation with improved efficiency, increased reliability, and low oil consumption.

• Large fuel fill access – Wide mouth fuel fill reduces spilling and overflows during refueling.

• EPA & CARB Emission Engine Durability Rating – Yamaha generators have the longest emission engine durability ratings issued by the Environmental Protection Agency and the California Air Resources Board.