40 CC Cottage Heater 12V


  •  The heater produces clean, dry heat.
  •  Smokeless, odorless, safe
  •  Convenient remote control by text messaging
  •  Due to low power consumption, the heater can be used outside mains network (12V environment)
  •  Can be connected to air chimney or directly through the wall
  •  Thermostat-controlled temperature adjustment
  •  Multi fuel capable – diesel #1, #2 or kerosene
  •  Quiet, smooth operation
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The Wallas 40 CC Cottage Heater is ideal for heating a space of approx. 60-90 m2. The temperature range is from 1600 to 4000 W, and the temperature can be adjusted by using an automatic inbuilt room thermostat.

Thanks to the laminar burn process, the heater is environmentally very friendly and silent in operation.


Preheat your cottage

  • Enter into your warm, cosy cottage. Wallas is easy to operate from your phone touch screen, pad, or computer –which ever suits best for you.
  • Preheating is possible by the help of Wallas Remote Control System 4430. Get familiar here.

Dry heat keeps your windows clear

  •  In addition clear windows, dry heat keeps your linen dry.
  • All burning processes creates moisture (water) as a result of a chemical reaction. In the case of Wallas, all moisture is directed out of the room, as the whole process is totally closed. That’s why Wallas heat is dry.


  • With the average consumption (2.8 dl/hour) of Wallas 40 CC, a 30 liter fuel tank will heat your cottage for almost 5 days.
  • At the same time the power consumption (0.3 amps/hour) is only approx. 43 amps.

Two elegant colours

  •  Graphite gray is a pure and beautiful color option.
  • The other option is brown pine silhouette. It gives a nice and soft feeling.

Easy installation

  • The heater can be installed either directly through the wall or to the chimney. The installation options are described in the additional information section on the left side of this page. Read more here.
  • The fuel tank is easy to place for example under the cottage (the heater includes 3 meter flexibel fuel line as a standard; a 2 m extension as an accessory). The other option is to buy Wallas’fuel tank socket case.


  • 2+1 year warranty for all Wallas products. Register your unithere and get 3th year of warranty.
  • To ensure the highest quality, every single Wallas product is carefully  tested before delivery.