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Whether you are building your dream cabin, packing dive gear, or casting off for a big game adventure, we have the perfect answer for your cargo hauling needs. The Landing Craft can be configured in cabin, center and dual console models giving you the ultimate in versatility.

Equipped with a F200xa Yamaha main engine on a KBT5400 King Trailer

Height of Sides34″
Bottom Width90″
Approx. Dry Weight2300 lbs
with 1/2 Hard Toplbs
with Full Hard Toplbs
Fuel Capacity48 USG
Maximum HP250
Transom Height34″
Aluminum Thickness / Alloy
Sides0.190 / 5052
Bottom0.190 / 5086
Transom0.250 / 5052



How will salt water affect my boat?

The use of marine grade aluminum, zinc anodes, and freshwater cooling in combination with respected name brand components such as Faria, Morse Controls, Detmar, PPG, Heatercraft, Lawrance, Redline Marine, Marine Power Corp, Hamilton Jet, Guest, Teleflex, Mecury Marine – to the premium grade materials such as “rot not” treated marine wood products gives Thunder Jet boats as much salt water protection the industry can offer.

What type of aluminum is used?

All Thunder Jet boats are constructed with 5086 H116 and 5052 H32 corrosive resistant marine grade alloy.

How can I protect my engine from corrosion?

The leading cause of corrosion damage is galvanic corrosion (the electrochemical interaction between different metals). It is most hazardous where drive units are immersed in salt water, brackish water and many inland waters with high conductivity caused by pollution.

The corrosion reaction occurs when electrons flow between dissimilar metals connected or grounded through water. In the process, one of the two metals is eaten away. The damaging corrosion can be eliminated by providing sacrificial metal-zinc which will preferentially corrode to protect the drive unit.

Sacrificial anodes are installed at the factory by the engine and jet drive manufacturers that Thunder Jet uses. Additional transom mount zinc anodes are available for optimum protection, if deemed necessary. The anode’s main purpose is for corrosion protection. By their very nature, they deteriorate very rapidly and must be constantly inspected and regularly replaced if you are an avid salt water boater.