Crab Pot Pullers

Crab pot pullers
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Crab pot pullers
” The Safe-T-Puller™ combines the convenience of 12-volt electrical power with the patented rubber-lined sheave and flexible overhead mounting to eliminate hazards and dangers inherent in gasoline engine powered pot-pullers.
The Safe-T-Hauler™ and My-T-Hauler™ have convenient 12 volt electrical power, patented rubber bonded sheave and an open swivel-block. The low mount design makes pot hauling easier than ever before. The swivel mounted block allows the line to track with the pulling direction and angle.

Along with our many other products such as davits, mounting brackets, electrical accessories, shrimp traps, crab traps and pot gear, Quality Products NorthWest markets its products worldwide to recreational and sports fishermen through an established dealer network. This arrangement provides the best support for our products and customers.

The Safe-T-Puller™ is NUMBER ONE in Electric Pot Pullers! It is NUMBER ONE in SAFETY! It is NUMBER ONE in Power! It is NUMBER ONE in Quality!

The Safe-T-Puller™ combines the convenience of 12 volt electrical power with the patented rubber lined sheave and flexible overhead mounting to eliminate hazards and dangers inherent in gasoline engine powered pot haulers.

Our patented SelfGrip™ sheave design is the ultimate in safety and simplicity. The sheave eliminates threading lines through complicated idler wheels and pulleys. Simply lay the line in the SelfGrip™ safety sheave and you are ready to pull!

Safe-T-Puller™ is equipped with Safe-Switch™, an air activated foot switch protecting the user from any electrical hazard while easily controlling the pot at all times. The Roller-Fairlead™ is now a standard option designed to control line- pulling in heavy seas and adverse pot-pulling conditions. The Safe-T-Puller™ uses a powerful 4-pole 12-volt Permanent Magnet DC electric motor, providing more than ample quiet pot-pulling power.

The Safe-T-Puller™ is available with a variety of davit mounting bracket configurations and electrical connectors to suit your boat installation. A convenient Stainless Steel lock-pin provides simple rotation into operating position or stowage position. The units are lightweight and portable making them easy to transport and store when not in use. Equipped with an aluminum davit, the Sports Model weighs a mere 28 pounds.”